Difference between Heather Ling bell Cross Leaved


Heather Ling Bell Cross Leaved

Common / Ling / Calluna vulgaris

Lots of very little flowers all the way up the stalks.

Cross Leaved / Erica tetralix

Long stalk, small pale green leaves, flowers at the top.

Bell / Erica cinerea

Darker green leaves, darker purple flowers, flowers in bundles along the length of the stalks.


Coolest Plants in the Peak


Last week I spent 4 days working on a residential course in the Peak District, a bit of hill walking with 60 young people, and abseiling on Miller’s Dale Bridge.

We were blessed with the weather, and fairly well behaved children!

Big mention to Evolution Outdoors for the great work and fun times, and to Ewan’s mum for looking after me and cooking me special food as always. T


Rock Climbing and Professional Photography


Mark: Who’s up for a climb tomorrow

Me: Yes, something easy though as my skins worn out from personal climbing and teaching rock courses.

Mark: Meet in Pete’s Eat cafe at 10:00

[next day in Pete’s]

Mark: Oh, we’ve got David Simmonite coming along too.  He’s taking shots for a few articles coming up in Climber Magazine.

Me: Ah, poor skin.  Oh well…!

Mark Reeves telling a riveting story to Ian Lloyd-Jones and Dave Simmonite

Mark Reeves telling a riveting story to Ian Lloyd-Jones and Dave Simmonite

So, after casually signing up for a few routes in the sun, we ended up doing four or five fantastic climbs and hidden gems.  Often doing the moves 3 or 4 times from different angles and pulling hugely unnecessary shapes to look inspiring for the camera.

The routes will all be described in the article probably out in July… well worth looking up and heading out with them on a ticklist.  T

Rain Rain Go Away


Pretty shocking few days here so far this week.  Lightning strikes abundant around our cottage yesterday.  Rock is currently dripping all over the national park, sea cliff and coastal crags.  It was super dry on Sunday, so should only take a few days to fully dry out again, with no seepage.  Then time to get back on the rock and continue to get back a bit of fitness after a winter of getting heavy ski legs.

Met office says it’s looking up for tomorrow… So maybe a bit of slate action. Dead keen to get on The desolation of Smaug! If possible this week.  Till then, I’ve gotten pretty bored and set up a blog… Oh dear.

indoor rock climbing

50 degree board

Training later, going to hit the steep board and try and hold on for 5 minutes at a time to build some stamina… More boring than trying hard moves but definitely gets my climbing going at this time of year.