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Learn to Rock Climb – Intro Course

Half Day £80 / Full Day £150
This is a course for people with little or no previous outdoor rock climbing experience. An ideal day out activity for the family, or equally a fantastic way to learn a new sport that you can continue. The variety of local crags in the area gives fantastic choices depending on the prevailing conditions and accessibility. The course includes basic rope work to enable you to ‘belay’ and ‘tie in’, this gives you the ability to climb safely and trust your partner, all under the careful guidance of a fully qualified instructor.

Rock Climbing Skills and Guiding Course

1 or 2 Day Course; £150 per day (max 2)
A great course for rock climbers with limited experience who want to get out and enjoy more of what the crags, mountains and sea cliffs have to offer. In this you will learn valuable skills of belaying leaders and seconding traditional climbs removing the protection left by your partner. Whilst covering these technical areas you’ll experience some of the best situations in the UK. On the two day course you can also expect to learn sport climbing skills enabling you to go out and climb safely on your own, doing the climbs and then retrieving all the equipment afterwards.

Trad Climbing Essentials Course

1 or 2 Day Course; £150 per day
A popular course, that enables you to learn the techniques and practices of placing lead protection (gear), building belays, and enjoying a safe days climbing with your partner. The basic trad climbing essentials and more. These skills will be taught on various terrain to enable the maximum practice to let the new information become autonomous. We will also cover all the equipment required as part of a lead rack, including rope types, passive protection, fixed placements and how to use it all. This course requires previous climbing experience to a level where you can competently climb and second a leader placing trad protection.

Complete Rock Climber – Novice to Lead Climbing

5 Day Course; £700 1 person, £400pp 2 people
Five days with an instructor is an amazing way to gain the skills required to progress your rock climbing. This course is aimed to start at your personal level of knowledge and experience, then progressing as far as possible over the 5 days. The aim is generally to have led some rock climbs by the last day and have all the relevant topics covered to allow you to climb competently without the instructors guidance. A full range of venues and rock types will be visited according to the conditions and valuable use of an indoor climbing wall may be used to accommodate simulations for learning.

Multi Pitch Rock Climbing Skills Course

1 or 2 Day Course; £150 per day
This course is aimed at rock climbers with experience of climbing on leader placed protection. It will cover topics such as, stance management, lead change overs, climbing as a three, hanging belays and abseils. The course will highlight the differences between mountain crags, big walls and sea cliffs enabling you to comfortably commit to multi-pitch climbs without the worries of rope faffs. These subjects, with practice, are what enable your climbing to be slick, efficient and fast when dealing with multi-pitch scenarios.  Crags used can include, Tryfan East Face, Idwal Slabs, and Dinas Cromlech to name but a few, and if the weather is suitable and clients able, then areas such as the majestic Clogwyn Du’r Arddur (known among climbers as ‘cloggy’.

Self & Improvised Rescue – getting out of trouble

1 or 2 Day Course; £150 per day (max 2)
This is an important topic for rock climbing partners and an incredibly valuable course. The course teaches you problem solving techniques such as tying off the belay to free your hands of rope, and escaping the system. The benefits of the skills learned range from; retrieving a stuck rope and retreating from a crag to assisting a casualty. With just a few tricks you will have far more confidence in your day to day climbing and probably wish that all your partners had the same knowledge to assist you!

Tailor your own Rock Climbing Day or Course

Days tbc and £tbc
If you have not seen anything meeting your needs in the above courses, then please get in contact and we can easily provide a bespoke package. I would also be happy to travel to other areas and cost would need to be considered. Generally a similar amount as the above course, with my time going out at about £180 a day.


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